Survey Flow

Summary: survey flow is a block-level view of your survey. You can customize the pathways your participants will take in your survey and what exactly they will see. Here you can rearrange blocks, add elements like “Branch Logic” to direct and personalize the survey to participants’ answers. They will work through the flow from the beginning and follow through to the end according to the answers they choose.

To access “Survey Flow,” navigate to the button in the Survey module bar. Within the flow, you will see a list of Blocks, groups of questions. The survey flow can be customized by adding elements such as Branches, Randomizers, and more. You can add elements to the survey flow by clicking on “Add Below” on a previous block or element or by clicking on “Add a New Element Here.”

There are many different element options. Here’s a little summary of each of them:

Question Blocks: show a block of questions (typically used with other elements).

Branches: display blocks and other elements conditionally.

Embedded Data: add any extra information beyond question responses such as variable and condition assignment. (For more uses of Embedded data, visit Qualtrics Support – Embedded Data)

Randomizer: present question blocks and other elements randomly.

Web Service: pull external information into the survey. (For more uses of web service, visit Qualtrics Support – Web Service)

Authenticator: verify participants’ identities through information input or passwords.

End of Survey: terminate participants at various spots throughout the survey depending on your desired survey pathway.

Table of Contents: allow participants to self-navigate the question blocks.

Reference Surveys: use the same sets of questions in multiple surveys.

* Always remember to SAVE FLOW, at the bottom of the page.*

For more detailed information regarding these elements and the survey flow, visit Qualtrics Support – Survey Flow