Step 4: Distributing your Survey

Summary: When your survey is finalized (and locked) you are ready to distribute it to participants. Qualtrics has plenty of options for how to do this. You can also distribute your survey through Amazon Mechanical Turk, which you can learn more about in that section of this manual.

The first time you enter the Distributions module (in Qualtrics) for a new survey, you’ll be prompted to choose your distribution channel, or method of distribution. You can change your channel after this point as well as distribute through multiple ones if desired; this is just your initial choice.

Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll enter the main Distributions page, which you’ll see from then on every time you enter the Distributions module. From here, you can switch between different distribution channels and see overall metrics for your response collection.

Clicking on “Distribution Summary” will provide graphs and other visuals with which you can view your collected responses and other distribution details.