Step 3: Managing Batches and Workers

Summary: this page will help you display information related to your batch and your Workers. The “Manage” tab enables you to track Worker performance, their approval ratings, and their qualification score for any of your Qualification Types. This tab also lets you review past batches and monitor currently running batches.

To display the batch progress, details, and results:

  1. On the Mturk requester site, click “Manage” > “Results” to find heading for different states of batches, like “Batches in progress,” “Batches ready for review,” and “Batches already reviewed.”
  2. Under the “Manage Batches” tab, click the arrow next to the batch state you are looking for.
  3. Under each batch you can see a progress bar showing two quantities: “% submitted” (HITs that are completed) and “% published” (HITs that have been published – always 100 %). 
  4. To view Batch Details, click on the name of the batch you wish to view. This page, shows Batch properties like the description, keywords, number of assignments, and reward per assignment. It also tells you how many assignments have been approved, rejected, and are pending review.  — You can also delete a batch if you have made a mistake by clicking on the delete batch button on the upper right side of the window.
  5. Click “Results” to see the submissions for the assignments in the batch. This page shows information about the HIT result, such as the WorkerID, Worker’s approval rating, and the Worker’s submission for the HIT (which should be a tailored idnum that makes it obvious to you that they can be approved).

To manage Worker statistics and qualifications:

  1. In the same “Manage” tab, navigate to the “Workers” sub tab.
  2. View the “Block Status” column on the left shows the status of your Workers (whether or not you have blocked them from taking a study of yours – perhaps due to their behavior or lack of attention). You can block your workers by clicking on the specific ID and choosing “Block Worker.” Enter a reason for blocking the Worker and a message with the reason will be sent to the Worker. (You can unblock a Worker using the same method.)
  3. Click on a specific Worker ID and view their information. You can also bonus pay specific Workers by clicking on their ID. You might consider bonus paying your Workers when the estimated time of completion turned out to be more than you expected and you feel compelled to compensate your participants appropriately OR certain Workers took especially long and they are bugging for more $$$ (money). Use your own discretion and the discretion of your advising professor.

*See Exclusion In Mechanical Turk for how to use “Qualification Types.”