Embed Photo/Video

Inserting Photo and Video in Qualtrics is a fairly simple task. You will be able to insert Youtube links, Soundcloud, pngs, jpegs from your own private library or directly from the internet. There are a number of different methods for embedding images and video into Qualtrics.

Adding Media from your Library: you can upload audio and video files that are 16 MB or smaller and embed them directly into your survey. Once uploaded, these files are stored in your library. The easiest way to add these images is to upload them directly to your library prior to embedding them into your survey. Once you have done that, you can enter the “Rich Content Editor” for your question and click on the  (“image”) icon. There you will find the images you have uploaded to your library and can easily upload them here. For videos, click on the  (“media”) icon.

Helpful Tip: Remember to upload your images before inserting them with the “Rich Content Editor” because the alternative method is much slower and takes many tries just to embed the data.

Another Helpful Tip: Although you may embed media that works on your own computer, your participants may not have the same web servers/plug-ins installed that allow them to view the same materials that you can see when you preview your own survey. Therefore, in order to make sure that participants on Mturk or throughout the school who are not coming in and using a lab computer with the necessary plug-ins, upload your videos to Youtube and your audio files to Soundcloud to guarantee that they can view/hear your materials.