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Oh My, Apple Pie!

In the past three week no one had made an apple pie. I don’t know about you, but when I… Continue reading »

Late Again: Will I Ever Learn?

Once again, I am stunningly late with this blog post, but here it goes. For last week’s assignment, we were… Continue reading »

Lobster Pot Pie: The Quest

My quest for the ideal Lobster Pot Pie began a couple years ago at a restaurant called the City Tavern… Continue reading »

Week Two: Calling All Cheese Lovers

  Savory pies are entirely underrated. I’ve never baked a savory pie before so I was incredibly excited this week… Continue reading »

How to make a Mushroom-Ricotta Pie

Spend several days promising yourself that you’re really going to look up some starter recipes for what you want to… Continue reading »

“Deep Dish Pizza”

I was feeling a bit nostalgic, so I decided to make an attempt at making a Chicago classic: deep dish… Continue reading »

An Exotic Moroccan Lamb Tagine Pie!

As soon as I realized that we were going to make a savory pie this week, I knew that it… Continue reading »

Chicken Pot Pie

This week I made a chicken pot pie. The original recipe is found here – Epicurious’ Chicken Pot Pie Recipe…. Continue reading »

An abundance of sugar

This week, we made sweet pies. After settling ourselves into pairs, we set off to make pastry, filling, and a… Continue reading »

So Many Pies, So Little Time

This first week I feel like we were all overwhelmed with the sheer number of possibilities when it comes to… Continue reading »

Sweet Pies!!

There was nothing more exciting, relaxing, and perhaps a bit mystifying than the idea of spending an entire three week… Continue reading »

Sweet Week

After a productive first day of pastry-making with my partner, Moiz, it took me a while to decide which pie… Continue reading »

A Sweet Start to Winter Study

After much deliberating and drooling over cook books, Stephanie and I finally decided on three sweet pies to tackle this… Continue reading »

A little (or a LOT of) pie for your day…

After completing our initial two servings of dough (half butter and half crisco in my case and all butter in… Continue reading »

My First Pie Ever: Rustic Pear and Raspberry Pie

As I entered the kitchen of the First Congregational Church on the first day of this year’s Life of Pie… Continue reading »