Monthly Archives: January 2016

Puff Pastry, Meat, and Lava

Unfortunately, we have reached the end. We all knew this was coming, the pie that is the month of January… Continue reading »

Blueberry Lavender Pie & Salmon Pie

Alas, the last week of pie making has come and gone, and I am left with not a single crumb… Continue reading »

Blackberry Cheesecake & Spinach, Ham, Feta Quiche

Blackberry Cheesecake Pie   This is thanks to Hussain’s recipe. Crust: 2 – 2 1/2 cups of graham cracker crumbs… Continue reading »

In the end there will only be pie

For the culmination of my pie, I decided to make three pies. The first was a blueberry and cherry pie…. Continue reading »

A Tart: Tasty, but not quite so Tantalizing

This week was all about decoration. I thought about pulling out my piping tips and doing some kind of meringue… Continue reading »

The Madness Chicken Pot Pie

I have perhaps never experimented more with food than I did with this week’s pie. I wanted to take the… Continue reading »

The Ultimate Fruit Basket

I knew right away that I wanted to go all-out for presentation week. My mind was overflowing with ideas (not… Continue reading »

Pear Hand Pies

I came into the week without a clue as to what I wanted to do. I played with apple roses,… Continue reading »

Lo How a Rose

In honor of this week’s decorative theme, I decided to tackle a baking feat I’ve been meaning to master for a… Continue reading »

Oh My, Apple Pie!

In the past three week no one had made an apple pie. I don’t know about you, but when I… Continue reading »

Are You There, Pie? It’s Me, Hussain

I looked forward to this week mostly because of two main reasons. The first was Top Chef and the second… Continue reading »

Late Again: Will I Ever Learn?

Once again, I am stunningly late with this blog post, but here it goes. For last week’s assignment, we were… Continue reading »

Lobster Pot Pie: The Quest

My quest for the ideal Lobster Pot Pie began a couple years ago at a restaurant called the City Tavern… Continue reading »

Week Two: Calling All Cheese Lovers

  Savory pies are entirely underrated. I’ve never baked a savory pie before so I was incredibly excited this week… Continue reading »

How to make a Mushroom-Ricotta Pie

Spend several days promising yourself that you’re really going to look up some starter recipes for what you want to… Continue reading »