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Puff Pastry, Meat, and Lava

Unfortunately, we have reached the end. We all knew this was coming, the pie that is the month of January… Continue reading »

The Ultimate Fruit Basket

I knew right away that I wanted to go all-out for presentation week. My mind was overflowing with ideas (not… Continue reading »

Pear Hand Pies

I came into the week without a clue as to what I wanted to do. I played with apple roses,… Continue reading »

The hand that rocks the crust.

My main beef with savory hand pies is the crust. I’ve always complained its just too thick, and it kills… Continue reading »

Spinach and Mushroom Handpies

I think my spinach and mushroom hand pies turned out really well. The crusts had Parmesan and cheddar cheese. They… Continue reading »

Spinach Pasties

I tried to makes these pasties with a traditional hot water crust. It all went well until I started rolling… Continue reading »

Sunny spinach pie

This just looked too good to pass up. Best part was, it tasted amazing too! Win-win. So basically you make a… Continue reading »