Monthly Archives: November 2013

Apple butter pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving edition

So the apple butter pumpkin pie was a big hit—love the flavor from the apple butter, and using the heavy… Continue reading »

Sunny spinach pie

This just looked too good to pass up. Best part was, it tasted amazing too! Win-win. So basically you make a… Continue reading »

Apple butter pumpkin pie, test run

I wanted to try something different for the holiday pumpkin pies this year, beyond the tried and true Libby’s recipe…. Continue reading »

Blackberry-raspberry lattice-top pie

Made for first day of tech of Cabaret at Williams College. Way better than Dunkin’ Donuts.  

Peach, crème fraîche, & honey pie

So this is basically a mashup of my end-of-season peach pie with the apricot & crème fraîche tart. It was… Continue reading »

Return of the mushroom-onion pie

Added some grated parmesan on top, and thyme sprig garnish