In the end there will only be pie

For the culmination of my pie, I decided to make three pies.

The first was a blueberry and cherry pie. This pie started out as a traditional cherry pie, however when I realized I didn’t have as many cherries as I thought, I decided to add blueberries. For the top crust, I decided to do a honeycomb pattern. It was fun to make. The pie came out well, and it tasted great. The filling was really good. It was a tad juicy and I really liked it. I would definitely make this again.


My second pie was a ham and brie quiche. It was called “I don’t want Earl’s Baby Pie’ in the movie Waitress. I loved making this pie. It was easy to assemble. Had a tad difficulty with getting it to stop jiggling in the oven, but it did stop and boy did it taste good. I would definitely make this again. I would maybe use chicken instead of the ham, and maybe mozzarella instead of the Parmesan.


My last pie was supposed to be a maple and sugar cream pie. I followed a recipe, however, as accidents came about, I had to deviate. I have decided to call this pie the Devil Pie. To make it, you burn the crust and the filling. Then you put this filling into another pre-baked crust. Then you bake it for twenty minutes. You let it rest for a day in the refrigerator. Once everything has cooled, you make a cinnamon sugar whipped cream with butterscotch and top the pie. In the end, the pie tasted great. I don’t know why, but I presume it is dark magic. Also, the people loved this pie. It got decimated. I was happy.


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