Spinach and Mushroom Handpies

I think my spinach and mushroom hand pies turned out really well.


The crusts had Parmesan and cheddar cheese. They were fantastic. I had to improvise a little. I didn’t have a 4 inch pastry cutter but I did have a cap from the pine nuts container that I used in the filling. So I just used my tiny little carving knife to cut into the pastry around the circular container.


I had made 9 pies from the first batch of pastry. I realize that my pastry probably wasn’t 4-in because I couldn’t fit the said amount of filling, according to the recipe, into them without fearing that they’d explode.

Instead, I managed to make another batch of pastry. I also realized that for my second batch, I formed my batch into a flat rectangle for chilling instead of a conventional disc. That way, I just rolled out the pastry to form this super long sheet of pastry and cut my circles out from there. Another funny thought, I actually had used less butter in my first batch due to a calculation error. That’s why my pastry was so much harder to roll out and cut in my first attempt.

Here’s a look at my filling:


I didn’t have feta so I substituted Parmesan and goat cheese instead.

These pies were probably the most fun to make, especially after getting into the groove.


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