Sunny spinach pie

This just looked too good to pass up. Best part was, it tasted amazing too! Win-win.

So basically you make a double crust, opening it up to a bit wider than one would for a pie in a pie plate. On the bottom crust you put your spinach-ricotta-spices mixture in a pattern like this:

20131117-sunny-spinach-pie-1Then lay the top crust over it, tucking it in around the central mound of filling, and making sure the outer edges line up with one another. Use a bowl to shape the dough over the central mound (it’ll give it a nice dome shape). Moisten the edges of the two layers and use a fork to crimp them together. Poke the fork tines down through both layers in a circle around the bowl to help bind them together around the center dome.

Then you do a magical slice-and-twist thing around the outer ring of filled pastry to get this:

20131117-sunny-spinach-pie-2It’s pretty amazing!



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