Are You There, Pie? It’s Me, Hussain

I looked forward to this week mostly because of two main reasons. The first was Top Chef and the second was because earlier in the week I had come to accept the fact that my pies embodied chaos. So in a manner befitting both my need for unadulterated destruction and Padma’s fondness for deconstructed pie, I began my journey.
I pondered for a while about what kind of crust I should make. Fresh off the high of my translucent hot water crust, I decided it was time to return to the graham cracker crust. This time, however, I had to put my own spin on it. I crumbled up graham crackers, white chocolate chips and butterscotch. I melted some chocolate and folded it into the crust and there it was. It tasted great, and I will cherish its memory forever.
For the filling, I used a recipe that asked for condensed milk and in retrospect an awful lot of lime flavoring. The lime zest and juice combined gave the filling a real kick of citrus. Overall, the filling came out pretty well when combined with the flavor of some whipping cream and a little bit of ajave flavoring.
I decided to serve my pie in chocolate bowls. To make a chocolate bowl, I used balloons. I melted the chocolate, dipped the balloons in and let them dry. The one’s that air dried, came out pretty well. The same cannot be suggested for the one’s that were refrigerated closer to when they were dipped. This is one part of the process I would like to repeat.
Overall,  this week went great. I was really happy with what I made and how it tasted.It was pretty fun to deconstruct a pie, and serve it in a nontraditional sense that refuted having pastry on the outside. I was happy not to be asked to pack my knives and leave.

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