iPad apps and their specific uses

As we go along in class, I’m finding things that people are doing where I think, “Oh, we should have gone over this or that app, or other way to do things, or had some app that I didn’t think of before!”  So here I’m accumulating those thoughts for future use.

For everyone in the class, if any of the things I mention ring true, and you would like us to take some class time to go over them, let me know in comments.  If you’ve already figured out another way of accomplishing the same goal, please share.

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Subscribing to Google calendars

We have two Google calendars related to THEA 228, one for classes and any other meetings or events happening that relate to the academic side of things; and a second calendar related to the production itself, which handles rehearsals, production meetings, due dates, tech and performances.  We want you to have access to both of these calendars on your iPad in the native iCal app, and this post will walk you through the steps needed to make that happen.

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Ali’s iPad Tips

Here are some general tips about using the iPads:

1. There are 4 buttons: center, top right, volume, and side switch  (above volume)

-The center button brings you to the home screen

-The top right button sleeps and wakes the iPad; hold it to shut down the iPad

-The volume buttons control the volume

-The side switch can be set to either lock the orientation of the iPad (portrait or landscape) or to mute all sounds on the iPad; these settings can be changed in the settings icon under general

2. To rearrange apps, tap-and-hold an app until all the apps start to wiggle; to stop the wiggling, press the center button

3. To make a group of apps, tap-and-hold an app until all the apps start to wiggle, then drag one app on top of another app; this will create a group. You can break down a group by dragging an app out of the group.

4. To select/cut/copy, tap-and-hold near the part you want to select; do the same thing to paste

5. To take a screenshot, click the top right button and the center button at the same time; the image will be saved in your Camera Roll

6. In general, if you can’t figure out how to access an app’s settings, tap-and-hold it; that usually works


Have fun!


P.S. If you encounter any problems, email me ([email protected]) or if you want to learn more, go to help.apple.com/ipad