Subscribing to Google calendars

We have two Google calendars related to THEA 228, one for classes and any other meetings or events happening that relate to the academic side of things; and a second calendar related to the production itself, which handles rehearsals, production meetings, due dates, tech and performances.  We want you to have access to both of these calendars on your iPad in the native iCal app, and this post will walk you through the steps needed to make that happen.

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WordPress: post-dating assignments

When I make a syllabus it makes general mention of all assignments (to help students with their own time management of assignments) but then I write up much more detailed assignment sheets for each project, which I have to then remember to xerox and hand out at the appropriate class.

Using WordPress as our backbone in 228 this semester, I decided that instead of making hard copies of assignment sheets, they would be posts (category: assignments) instead of hard copies (greener too).

Added bonus: since WordPress allows you to set the date and time for posting, David and I can actually write ALL of those posts in advance, setting them to go live at, say, 3:30pm on the day that the assignment is given. And then forget about it!

I’m terribly excited…