Send Me Your Scripts!!!

Hi all.  Below is a list of the index cards for which I do not currently have scripts.  If you do have a script for any of these things, please send them to me ASAP (in CeltX, please) so I can complete our working script as quickly as possible and distribute it to the relevant parties.  I know that some of these are (or have been, thus far) purely physical moments, but it would be immensely helpful to me if you could send me the description of what each of these means in terms of action and/or dialogue, especially since I was not in class for all of these performances.  If we don’t know, we don’t know, but for the ones we do have a sense of, as much information as you all have would be great!


Baby Toss
Concentric Circles
Apple’s Bugle Scene
Boots on a Ladder
Crumply Paper
Invisible Elephant
Coloring Territories of the AMT
Interpretive Dance of Conceptions of the World
Comedic Scene
Apple’s Shadow
Lars’ Origin
Boots in the Ceiling
Apple’s Ballet
Aerial Silks
Paper Crane/Paper Plane
Breaking Down the Space

Rehearsal Schedule 10/18-10/20

Hi all!

Below is the evening rehearsal schedule for the week; it is reflected on the Google Calendar at the bottom of the page.

Happy mapping!

228 Rehearsal Schedule 10/18-10-20

Tuesday, October 18th
Rehearsal 7:30-11:00 in Seminar Room

Wednesday, October 19th
Rehearsal 5:30-7:00 in Seminar Room

Thursday, October 20th
Rehearsal 6:30-8:00 in Seminar Room

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Added: online resources

I have added a page to the site with online resources for map (and Map) related stuff — cartography and infographics blogs, map archives and the like. If you have any favorite resources that you would like to have added, send me the URL and a brief description of what you like about the site, and I’ll add it to the list.

You can find the link in the menu bar, or go there directly.

WordPress iOS editing app gets styling buttons, full-screen mode

Update your WordPress apps!  This is for iPads as well as iPhones.

It’s only fair and right that one of the world’s most popular content management/blogging platforms should have a snazzy and capable iPhone app to go with it. The WordPress app has been updated to version 2.9, adding three new features for mobile users.

The new version adds handy styling buttons right above the keyboard, so you no longer have to put in your markup manually for bold or italic text, links or lists. Full-screen editing gives you more real estate to view what you’re working on, especially handy on the iPhone’s screen. You can also now follow other subscribed blogs directly in the app.

via WordPress iOS editing app gets styling buttons, full-screen mode | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

ANNOUNCEMENT: post material from today’s class

Everyone remember, sometime today while it’s fresh in your mind, to document your Short Map Story performances, both with what you did for us, and any changes you might want to make (notes to self.)  When it’s done, please post it to the blog in whatever format makes sense (text, scan of handwritten notes, screengrab of Noteshelf notes, etc.)

Julia:  can you also do this for your fabulous Juxtaposition?

Carl and Melissa:  Can you also please post the text of your script and poem, respectively?

All of the above should be categorized with our new “I made this” category 🙂

ANNOUNCEMENT: new category stuff

I have made a new category called “I made this” — tag any post with this that contains any sort of content that you have made:  maps, photos, video, writings, performance, you name it.  Then also categorize with other things as relevant.  This way, when after reading period we want to see everything that we have done, we can go to a single category listing and have an archive of it all.  I have also added this category as a standalone link on the top menubar.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: site tweaks + poll

Hi everyone,

I tweaked the site a bit, made the menu (in the black bar between the header image and the posts) more useful — it now has quick links to all categories!  I pulled out the ones related to class operations (so, announcements, homework, production, how-to posts) and then put all of the more “map-themed” ones under a catch-all header of “categories.”  All are nested menus, so more options pop up when you mouseover.

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