iPad apps and their specific uses

As we go along in class, I’m finding things that people are doing where I think, “Oh, we should have gone over this or that app, or other way to do things, or had some app that I didn’t think of before!”  So here I’m accumulating those thoughts for future use.

For everyone in the class, if any of the things I mention ring true, and you would like us to take some class time to go over them, let me know in comments.  If you’ve already figured out another way of accomplishing the same goal, please share.

Photoshop Express
One thing I hadn’t thought of was the degree to which people would use the camera on the iPad as a quick and dirty scanner for books, documents, etc.  A quick lesson in PS Express for the iPad, and its basic tools for rotating, cropping, and some basic color balance and levels adjustment, might have been helpful.

DocScan HD
Along those lines, including this software might have been nice for iPad-as-scanner usage — its ability to find (or allow you to set) the corners of a page etc, and then autocorrect distortion is pretty nice.  There are several apps like this.

We have it, and I need to poll people on whether or not they are using it — I realized that we never really went over its use.  I find it really handy, especially just as a catch-all place to dump documents in something resembling a file structure!  I suspect this ability of Goodreader might be less important once iOS 5 comes out (since it seems there will be something like this baked-in to the iCloud service?) but I find Goodreader’s ability to annotate, highlight, and otherwise markup and export PDFs even better than on a desktop machine.  (I have, in fact, found myself importing PDFs to Goodreader on my iPad so I can annotate and markup the documents, then exporting them back to my laptop or desktop machine for additional editing, storage, emailing whatever.)

some RSS reader
If we got RSS feeds set up, then we would want to have a dedicated reader, one with app badges for new posts ideally.  Could be a paid app like Pulse News, or one of the many free newsreader apps.

(To be continued…)

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