Character descriptions & original maps

Hey all,

I sent this to you via email previously, but meant to have posted as well.  And now there is an addition to the character descriptions, with Mel’s work.  Stephen, at some point we’ll probably want you to do something like this as well, if it would be useful, but let’s give you some exploration time first.

228 characters — updated: 2 Nov 2011

228 char’s maps of Dir Studio

Thoughts on the generative process

Anne Bogart, in her book A Director Prepares, talks about the research process in the development of new plays, and in particular talks about the importance of stopping the research process. I consider all of the work that we have been engaged in for the last five weeks to be “research” in the way that Bogart describes, whether it was looking at maps and charts and timelines, reading books on their history and usage, or generating creative responses to, and meditations on, this idea of maps and mapping that we have tackled for 228.  The latter has been vital research, this research-by-doing; research in which you have used you creativity to discover what Maps are, or can be.

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