Send Me Your Scripts!!!

Hi all.  Below is a list of the index cards for which I do not currently have scripts.  If you do have a script for any of these things, please send them to me ASAP (in CeltX, please) so I can complete our working script as quickly as possible and distribute it to the relevant parties.  I know that some of these are (or have been, thus far) purely physical moments, but it would be immensely helpful to me if you could send me the description of what each of these means in terms of action and/or dialogue, especially since I was not in class for all of these performances.  If we don’t know, we don’t know, but for the ones we do have a sense of, as much information as you all have would be great!


Baby Toss
Concentric Circles
Apple’s Bugle Scene
Boots on a Ladder
Crumply Paper
Invisible Elephant
Coloring Territories of the AMT
Interpretive Dance of Conceptions of the World
Comedic Scene
Apple’s Shadow
Lars’ Origin
Boots in the Ceiling
Apple’s Ballet
Aerial Silks
Paper Crane/Paper Plane
Breaking Down the Space

arrows for lost souls

While watching rehearsal Thursday I started sketching arrows–arrows that light up with chasing light bulbs and call lots of attention to themselves; arrows that point in various directions; arrows that can be manipulated by characters; and… well, that don’t actually carry meaning.  Lots of flash and very little actual help for lost souls looking for their way.  I have been thinking of them as “fallible flags,” a concept Tom Garrity expounded upon during his talk “TRUTH = MATH = BEAUTY” last Tuesday for the Williamsthinking video series.  Interesting concept: You’re doing your research and you happen upon something that SEEMS so significant that it must mean something–and yet, it doesn’t.  Not every arrow you happen upon, actually points you in a meaningful direction.

We’re talking about using roving lighting booms that will be scenic elements and also practical lighting fixtures; perhaps they have arrows attached.  Perhaps they have large colored light bulbs on top (like a ghost light) that can make the rovers function like pins on a map as they roll about the stage space.  Perhaps there are arrows that can be used as hand props.  Perhaps there are arrows that fly in from above or roll on from the wings, as in… “YOU ARE HERE!” (Arrow points straight down at stage floor.)

Sketches, and pics of a full scale model:

Imagine the prototype is a fun color other than flat black, and that the light bulbs are illuminated and able to chase and blink.





Two bits on grocery and love

Apple enters SR. She is so hungry – clutching her stomach, grumbling. She crosses toward SL, the grocery store, counting her coins in her hand. Something catches her eye at DSR – a shiny new bugle! She crosses over and looks at it, mimes greeting the sales clerk who tells her the price – she counts her coins and looks sad. Crosses back to SL, gazes in the grocery window at the baked goods, licks her lips, counts her coins – now torn between the two options, counts and recounts, glances back and forth – she suddenly decides, marches over and places her coins down for the bugle! Takes the bugle and the hat to DCS – sits on the ground and excitedly plays. She mimes waving and hamming it up for passerby – then notices some of the passerby have put coins in the hat! She grabs the hat coins and bugle and runs to the grocery store. Hurray!