Random, tiny iPad and WordPress hints, tips and tricks

So this is a running list of tips and tricks we come up with during class and want to share, as well as things to remember for the future (and for other people who might want to use any of these technologies in the classroom.)


  • When setting up the site, don’t forget about putting a menu at the top of the page.  Navigation timesaver.  Nested goodness, awesome for categories.
    • However, if populating the menu with categories, remember that you have to manually add new categories to the menu after created.  No auto-population of child categories etc.
  • For posts like new assignments, class opinion was that it was useful to have them made sticky for the duration of the assignment.  However, we decided that it was ok to just have the post title (“Assignment: <assignment name>”) and a single line with due date, followed by the More tag so you have to click-thru to the text of the assignment.  Otherwise it takes up too much space and pushes new content to several screens below (especially if there are several concurrent assignments.)


  • In many apps and situations, swiping right across an item in a list will bring up a red Delete button for that item
  • Double-clicking home button and then swiping right from the first group of recent apps brings up a handy-dandy set of direct controls for the iPod (play/pause, next + prev track), volume, screen brightness, and a button to either Lock Screen Orientation or Mute, depending on how you have set up the side switch (this button will be the opposite of the side switch.)
  • Making a homepage button for the WordPress site, and keeping it in the dock, is handy for quick access to the site.

Noteshelf (app)

  • We were having some weirdness with the layout when plugging in to the projector, which was solved by going into the Notebook Settings (gear icon upper right, second from right) and turning on “Always in Portrait”

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