Story Time Assignment – Melissa Martinez

I still do a mental double take every time I see her.  Seventeen years I have grown up with her, and the not-so-little-anymore bump that her tummy has become is this beacon to my eyes.  She is singing today, as she makes yet another, hard-boiled deviled egg—her most recent pregnancy obsession.  I am outside on the patio, probably appearing somewhat stalker-ish as I unblinkingly stare at my sister prancing about in the kitchen, my mind absent; roaming in the future and past… actions, consequences, and responsibility.

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Class skit 9/16/11

Physical:  As I read this poem I moved around the room at different paces, having an unfocused look, spinning ans circling the audience. I moved my arms up to appear as a mummy or zombie at one point and then at the Oh part I sat down.


Changes: I was going to nervously rip the poem apart as I read it, but as a last minute change I didn’t probably because I was worried as to my ability to do that and then clean up as I moved around the room. I would have made the Oh moment more dramatic and maybe had more of a conclusion.


I wrote this up not intending anyone to read it, so please disregard the terrible English errors throughout. If we later need me to fix them I will though. Thanx!


Movement, motion, turning around

Its dripping, time’s dripping

I need to get down, And work and get there, for I’m here

And time is not patient if I stay near

Im running, im running, nothing does set me free

I can’t see, I can’t feel, I’m following thee

Im the drop in the clouds that is floating about

Victim to wind and to sun, but wait, now Im falling down

Im flying im floating, nothing does set me free

I can’t see I cant feel, im following thee

Oh sweet people, sweet crowd,

know that I don’t question  to where am I being led

Oh well, as long as my greed is being fed (harsher tone, slight shift)

Im running im running, nothing does set me free

Can you please map out my life, define it for me?

Yes, success! Now I know how to be successful…

You tell me it’s money and possessions

Yes success! Now I know how to be happy…

It is drinking and parties and inhibitions set free

Yes success! Now I know how to find joy

I avoid strife, and grief and emotions in life

I take “me” time… or weeks, or years at a time,

A life that’s devoted to what I’m trying to find

Im running, im running, nothing does se me free

I can’t see, I can’t feel, im following thee

I am unconscious in mind,  (mummy)

Going through the motions of life

Helpless I’m hopeless as to what I don’t know I need to find

Drugs is the rage

Sex is the rage

Who needs family

Who needs morals

When I live in a dog eat dog age


Movement, motion, turning around

Its dripping, time’s dripping

Oh (emotion)

Oh (awake)

Oh (grief)

Oh (final)

Emotion, I feel it, death has set me free

I miss you, I loved you, you’re still inside me

I want you, im waiting, for something to fill I cant avoid

Im asking, im hoping

I see now, my movement was void

I moved nowhere

I saw nothing in the flurry, the race

I know nothing, my life, it has nothing, no taste

Emotion I feel you, death has set me free

Im finding I have, a voice inside me

You will not map me out

Define me in a legend/key

Or images that before, past them I could not see

Oh (oh)

oh (awakening… look around slowly…………)