Possibilities for Decorations

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had little to no artistic ability. Whether it be my “chicken scratch” handwriting, that my Dad claimed looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics, or having to draw circles while everyone else in my art class in high school drew self portraits, my fine motor skills have always been terrible. In turn, when thinking about decorations for pie, I have been trying to find concepts that are relatively simple and even I can’t mess up. With that in mind, I was thinking about a lattice top for a blueberry pie: b3794b9a-6f76-4e71-9e00-cabe849b9c81 Shouldn’t be too hard right?

I think both the pie and the design are realistic aspirations on my part. I was also thinking that another simple alternative could be to roll out the dough and make patterns with a cookie cutter that I could insert as the top layer of crust like so: Cherry Pie Pre-bake

Ultimately, I think either of these decorative ideas are viable. We shall se in class this afternoon!


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