Pies for this week and Reviews on Last Week

Hey hey,

I just wanted to make a quick comment on the custard pie. The custard was pretty good. It wasn’t too sweet and was slightly tart. I think I went overboard on the crust though. I probably put it in the oven for too long. I also added too much water, probably. The crust was very hard to cut and I think it was really hard. I probably added too much water.

As for pies for this week, I’m thinking of spinach/mushroom handpies and a chocolate peanut butter bacon pie. I wanted to make a vegetable pie because I like spinach and mushroom. I have no clue how much work the handpies will take. I also don’t think can handle too much heavy pies. As for the chocolate peanut butter bacon pie, I really like bacon and chocolate as a combo. I know for sure that I’ll tweak the chocolate sauce a bit with half as much sugar and using dark chocolate instead of semi-sweet chocolate. I just hope that it doesn’t turn out too sweet.

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