Pie Decoration Thoughts

I am blown away by the different pie designs there are and the possibilities of what pie to bake this week.

My first instinct was to make another Asian flavored pie. What first urged me was the desire to create a crust like a Chinese cut out. It was only fitting that the pie itself would be inspired by “Asian” ingredients.

So what I first wanted to do was to make a red bean, or Adzuki bean, custard pie using this red bean custard recipe. This was sort of perfect because the custard was dark colored and would contrast with the crust.

As I kept thinking, I became worried about not being able to find Adzuki beans in the local supermarket. My next thought was to go for a very dark pie, consisting mainly of blueberries but may contain other fruits. I then thought to make a pastry/crumb combo with the following design:

Pie ideas_02
Hm. I may choose to go with a landscape than this close up. We’ll see. I do like the idea of braids that unbraid into a tree branch. I might just go w/ a design like that. I wonder if I could incorporate pine into the recipe. Maybe more dried fruits and spices then.

I then started thinking about tessellations and then came across these crazy origami tessellations. 
How awesome would it be if we could fold pastry crust as if we fold paper. I shake my head in disbelief.

I do want to try a standing meat pie like the ones served in medieval times with meat and all. Well, these are all wishful thinking.

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