New year, new Life of Pie

keep calm and eat more pieAnd here we go, off again on another month of pie-making in a bucolic, wintry New England town. Well, somewhat less wintry this year, what with having been in the mid-60s on Christmas, with freshly-churned mud on the ground instead of new-fallen snow. But nothing cures the Lame Winter Blues like making, baking, and eating 10 pies a week for four weeks running! Not to mention the new video additions this year: excerpts from the BBC’s most excellent show, The Great British Bake Off, which I binge-watched all 6 seasons of this past summer.

For my own part, I’ll be starting us off tomorrow by making an oldie but goodie: a classic lattice-topped blueberry pie with a basic flaky crust of butter and shortening. Still to this day one of my Top 10 Favorite Pies of All Time—and maybe even in the Top 3.

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