Fig Goat Cheese Tart

I have been super into figs recently, and I love cheese, so I decided this would be a perfect pie for me to try.  I decided for a little umph I’d put some nuts into the crust since the topping called for nuts..  Unfortunately, I combined the recipe for the nutty pie crust and the one for the vodka trick, which called for significantly more shortening.  By the time I added the liquid, it was much too wet to be able to roll out, so I decided to make a push-in  tart instead. I’m not totally sure what went wrong with the pastry, but I hope it still tastes good.

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly except with the dried figs, I reconstituted them by pouring boiling water over them and letting them in a bowl for fifteen minutes.  We also didn’t have enough almond slices for the topping, so I ended up putting some pecans in there as well.  I think the topping is sort of interesting because it’s not quite a crumb but it’s made with all crumb-like ingredients with the exception of the slices for little pieces. I also find this pie interesting because it obviously has a lot of sweet components (such as the topping) but also has the basil, so it’s clearly not supposed to be completely dessert-y.  I’ll be interested in seeing how all the flavors come together.

Doing the tart made me slightly confused on the decorative piece. How was I going to do decorations with a tart? I decided to try to lay out the figs in a way that would be decorative.


But by the time the cheese batter was poured on top and the crumb added, it was hard to see the attempt at some special lay-out…


We’ll see how it tastes tomorrow!


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