Caramelized onion, mushroom, and gruyere quiche with oat crust

I think the most perplexing thing about this recipe was the crust.  There were two issues I saw with it.  The first is that the recipe really did not seem to make enough to cover the pie dish.  When I got it as thin as possible, it still probably only covered about 3/4 of the pie pan. I ended up making a double recipe and used nearly all of it.  Additionally, there wasn’t much liquid in the recipe, and it broke apart very easily.  I ended up putting the crust in piece by piece instead of all in one piece, and it split some in the oven.  As someone pointed out, fortunately the egg probably fills in the crevices.




I was surprised by just how much the quiche cooked down.  Because I am still having some trouble wrapping my mind around savory pies more generally (although I have loved trying them all so far!), I thought quiche was a nice middle ground. I was surprised how little mushroom was really in the quiche; although once it cooked, there certainly seemed to be a lot more in there.  I’m excited to see how it comes out.  I feel like there might be a fine line in quiche for texture, so I hope I got the line right!

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