Pear and Almond Cream Pie with Chocolate Crust

So I found this recipe online, originally calling for canned pears, but decided to use fresh ones instead. It was also originally meant to make a tart, rather than the double crust pie you see in the photos, but the crust recipe (7 egg yolks!) made enough for two crusts, even though there was barely enough almond cream for one pie, so after I made the mistake of trying to pour the almond cream over the pears instead of settling the pears into a layer of almond cream, I put the top crust on it in an attempt to protect the texture somehow. So you can’t see the artful arrangement of the pears, but it still looks okay. The crust was weird. The recipe I had said it required kneading prior to rolling out, unlike normal pastry, and it was correct. When I pulled the pastry out of the fridge, it was super crumbly and chalky looking and hard, but after a few seconds of kneading, the dough came together into what I would expect chocolate pastry to look like. I hope it tasted okay too, but sadly this pie was not destined for eating. One day I’ll give it another go.


SAM_1400 SAM_1401 SAM_1402 SAM_1403

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