Maple-Bacon-Apple-Experiment Pie :)

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Nikki here!So…after watching most of New Girl season 1 I decided to finally leave my room friday to bake a pie for a friend…the end result was maplebaconapplethingpie! The original plan was just to make it normal and fruity, but then i started thinking about bacon…and maple syrup…and breakfast…and so The Pie came into creation.

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I sorta improvised a lot on this one (and once again had issues with the water ratio): also i accidentally burned half of the bacon while I was trying to fix my very dry and crumbly dough, so had to make more. I followed an online recipe that involved apples and bacon (I clicked the first post under the heading “pie recipe with bacon” that looked promising), but added oats to the crumble (brown sugar, crumbled bacon, flour, cinnamon) and maple syrup (replacing the sugar) and bacon bits to the apple filling. Also, I was worried that a) the bacon would burn in the oven if I didnt cover it and b) the apples would overflow (it was a lot of apples), so I covered the whole thing with tin foil, and it ended up being fine, if a little undercooked.


WATCH that bacon. WATCH it.

Does that pie crust reeeallly stick together? But careful, not TOO sticky. (mehhhhhhh I don’t get it)

Stew the apples in the bacon bits and maple before baking; consider prebaking the crust to avoid soakage….this would solve the problem of the apples being a little to undercooked and hopefully absorb the maple more (I think)

That crumble topping was dang good. MMM bacon. Definitely double what that recipe called for/go to taste.

I definitely gained a few pounds from this pie (large amounts of bacon, butter, maple syrup, sugar….)


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^The aftermath (look closely and you can see bacon grease and flour everywhere)


All in all, I had a fun friday night with my ski team captain John Sanderson, who immensely enjoyed the pie (he was the recipient), as we were both missing our teammates at the UVM Winter carnival due to knee injuries.

Success! Over and out.

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