Blackberry-Apple Pie

I was excited about this pie because I really enjoyed the blackberry pie we had earlier this semester (my first blackberry pie), and I love a good old-fashioned apple pie.  I thought this pie was interesting because there was no soaking of the apples in advance.  I simply laid the the apples and the blackberries into the crust.  There was no suggestion on how to place the apples and blackberries into the crust, so I tried to layer them some. I wonder how much of a difference in taste there is depending on the fruit layers.  I was happy that I learned my lesson with the sauce to turn it down really low.  Last time I allowed something to stay on the heat as suggested by the recipe, it burned. If you turned it off all the way, it did thicken a bit too much to pour over, so if taken off the heat, it should be placed back over heat again before spooning over pie.


This was my first attempt at a lattice, so I was slightly intimidated. My crust was being a little temperamental (I think it sat out of the fridge too long before rolling initially), and peeling off the slices was difficult (despite using the trick of making sure the crust came up on the rolling pin).  I was happy with how the lattice turned out.


I will say, this one the only pie I’ve made thus far that has taken less time to bake then the recipe said. Although it was only a few minutes less, the pie was certainly bubbling and browning by the 30-minute mark after I turned down the oven.  I’m excited to see how putting the sauce on top affects the tastes since normally it’s mixed first!



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