Roasted Butternut Squash Pie

I kind of made this pie up, so here’s hoping it isn’t awful. Basically, I like roasted butternut squash, so I decided to use that, and just went from there. I looked up a bunch of pumpkin and/or squash recipes online (pie fillings, but also pasta sauces, soups, etc.) to get some ideas for ingredients, and I landed on using onions (which seemed to be in almost every recipe), gorgonzola (most recipes used gruyere, swiss, or cheddar, but gorgonzola has a stronger flavor. Plus, I like it a lot), spinach, & chives (my personal favorite herb. When I was a kid I would munch on raw chives all the time. They’re delicious).

As for the crust, I tried whole wheat, and I’m not sure it worked out too well. I didn’t use a recipe specifically for whole wheat flour – instead, I used a recipe that called for all-purpose flour, and replaced part of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour. The dough was really difficult to work with. Anyway, I’m not terribly pleased with the crust, and I probably won’t be doing whole wheat again without a recipe specifically designed for that kind of flour.

-Ali Bunis

(pictures below)


Filling_4Unbaked Pie Baked Pie_03Baked Pie_01

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