Portobello Pot Pie


From start to finish, this pie caused me some difficulties (but I’m crossing my fingers that it will still taste good tomorrow!).  I tried the vodka trick. When I first did my pastry, it seemed a little dry, so I put it back in and put a little tiny bit of liquid in.  It proved that even that little bit was too much.  It was sort of dough-like.  Hopefully enough of the vodka burned off that it is more pastry-like.

I think the timing with the recipe was very underestimated.  It took me over an hour-and-a-half or so to prepare everything, and it said it would be thirty minutes (I may just be a slow chopper).  When I did the step of letting the gravy simmer, I actually think it should’ve been taken off the heat.  It burned a little by the time the portobello mushrooms were added.  I wish it had said how long to simmer for.  I may also have been too slow to add, but I wasn’t quite sure how long it should simmer.  I ended up making additional gravy with cooking wine and flour from the burned parts in the pan.  Hopefully it will not taste too burned as the majority of ingredients were not burned.


I left it in the oven for over sixty minutes – twenty minutes longer than expected.  It still did not seem golden brown to me by the end. I was surprised at how much longer it took.


I think it is interesting how the mushrooms simply act as a substitute for the chicken here.  I’ll be interested to see how the combination tastes all together because I do not typically think of mushrooms and potatoes together.  Initially when I was looking for a recipe this week, I had a difficult time because I have not had many meat pies other than chicken pot pie. I’m excited to taste everyone’s tomorrow so I can wrap my mind around it better and start to figure out how to bake them my own!


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