Final Banquet and Reflections

[My two babies before they were presented to the dining table]

With 5 pies under my belt and the Final Banquet over, I am at a loss this weekend. No longer am I figuring out new recipes for next week, no longer planning decorations or work shopping different combinations of ingredients. With the Sunday Night TV Dinner Pie and the I Can’t Have No Affair Because It’s Wrong & I Don’t Want Earl to Kill Me Pie prepped, baked, and eaten, what’s next?

Well first, I now know how to bake pies. And from scratch too. I have acquired a new “adult” life skill, and it feels awesome! To know that I can bake a delicious, symbolic food that humans have been enjoying for thousands of years with my own two hands (and brain) is amazing, and I absolutely can’t wait to share this skill with friends and family!

Second, I learned how to invent recipes. Even adding a little twist to a recipe through the addition of an extra ingredient can mean the difference between “mmm” and “oh. my. GAWD! This is fantastic!” There is a plethora of possible combinations for ingredients, and you are only limited by your imagination.

Third, I learned that presentation matters. To be especially appetizing, a pie must look the part, even though it may taste fine otherwise. In fact, a beautiful pie expands the pleasure of eating beyond simply the aesthetic, reaching down and elevating the experience from simply eating pie to consuming art.

Fourth, I’ve learned that a little help in the kitchen makes for a better time, and better pies. Discounting the many times my fellow bakers have opened up ovens for me, or helped me wash my own dishes, but simply being there, being encouraging, and having conversations to keep company made for a better baking experience – and thus better pies. Of course, David being a pie pro did not hurt much either, haha.

With all the things I learned from the class, I sincerely hope to keep baking (and eating) pies. I appreciated the lessons on its historical context, as well as the lessons on its cultural role. Hopefully you readers had a good time with my blog as well; happy baking!

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