Possible Decorations

A lot of the recipes I’ve been looking at for this week are single-crust recipes. I have been thinking about adapting the recipes to a double-crust recipe for decoration purposes, but I was excited to see that there are certainly some decoration options for single-crust pies as well. I liked this braid one from pinterest because I think it’s clean-cut while also adding some pizzazz to the pie at the same time.


Obviously this one is less exciting because it is not adding on top, but I still think it makes it looks slightly nicer.


I was also thinking that if I did not want to do too much pastry on top, I could do cut outs in a similar way to this one.  I would do different designs, but I think it sort of accomplishes both – not too much pastry if it does not seem to go as well with the recipe but also still makes the pie look more festive. If I were to do something with just designs in the middle such as this, I would probably use a design similar to the one above around the edge.


As far as having more pastry on top, I think either a regular lattice top or one that’s a little fancier such as this would be interesting.


I am curious if there were a crumb top on top, what types of decorations we could do with that.  Something I was thinking perhaps making them into discs and laying them out instead of just pouring it on top. I wonder if it’s important for bringing the pie together though to have all of it covered with crumb.


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