Assignment: The TEAM

DUE: Monday Oct 31
We have some materials for you to read and watch as preparation for the class visit on Monday, October 31, by Brian Hastert and Kristen Sieh of The TEAM, who will be presenting their latest show Mission Drift as part of the CenterSeries in the MainStage, Nov 3-4.

Read the following articles:
Carol Martin – What Did They Do To My Country!
Rachel Chavkin – Five Years and Change with The TEAM
Paz Pardo – Mission Drift: Remembering Utopia

And watch the following videos (each about 5 mins in length): – Architecting – Particularly in the Heartland – Particularly in the Heartland – A Thousand Natural Shocks – Architecting – Particularly in the Heartland

Write down your thoughts, responses, and questions, about content, structure, and especially process, so we can make best use of Brian and Kristen’s expertise and experience with making devised, ensemble-created theater.

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