Two bits on grocery and love

Apple enters SR. She is so hungry – clutching her stomach, grumbling. She crosses toward SL, the grocery store, counting her coins in her hand. Something catches her eye at DSR – a shiny new bugle! She crosses over and looks at it, mimes greeting the sales clerk who tells her the price – she counts her coins and looks sad. Crosses back to SL, gazes in the grocery window at the baked goods, licks her lips, counts her coins – now torn between the two options, counts and recounts, glances back and forth – she suddenly decides, marches over and places her coins down for the bugle! Takes the bugle and the hat to DCS – sits on the ground and excitedly plays. She mimes waving and hamming it up for passerby – then notices some of the passerby have put coins in the hat! She grabs the hat coins and bugle and runs to the grocery store. Hurray!

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