Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Happy, the Sad, and the Open-Ended

By Ashley Zhou Our relationship with nature has always been an uneasy one once we learned how to manipulate our… Continue reading »

Stomachable Propaganda: “The Breakfast Club” and Reagan’s Politics

By Dew Panalee Maskati Pop culture was in it’s prime during ‘80s America, with the release of popular classics such… Continue reading »

Sisterly Love: A Deviation from Mainstream Disney

By Amanda Reisman Is all love the same? No! Bear with me, and I will explain how love varies in… Continue reading »

Brainwashing: One Disney Film at a Time

A fragile, gentle princess cries endlessly for help from a distance in hope that someone will save her from the… Continue reading »

The Circle of Life

Disney children’s movies epitomize the embedded ideology that drives all forms of entertainment. All Disney movies have a central message… Continue reading »

A Dispiriting Tale

My adolescence has been long haunted by sensations that I will never know: the bliss of biting into a dumpling… Continue reading »

Michael Scott and Middle Class America

Last night I watched The Office instead of doing homework. I missed my boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in almost… Continue reading »

The Hidden Value in Repetitive Culture

Picture: two enemy groups, battling for prestige and engaged in a spiteful war until a scandalous love blossoms between a… Continue reading »

Happily Ever After?

By Joyce Tseng (Warning: This essay includes movie spoilers) We’ve all heard the story. Boy meets girl, boy and girl hit… Continue reading »

The meaning of culture

There’s something innately funny about Merriam-Webster’s announcement, earlier this month, that “culture” is their 2014 Word of the Year. “Culture”… Continue reading »