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Give This Guy a Grammy: Justification of a Modern Great Work

RJ Shamberger When your community does not accurately value anachronistic literature, you are conditioned to mimic its views and never… Continue reading »

Empire Looks Better in a Cape

The Dark Knight is “clearly one of the top conservative films ever made,” in the eyes of Breitbart, a news… Continue reading »

The Help: And Other Remedies for White Guilt

We so often assume that the best way to combat bigotry and ignorance is through awareness, that injustices of the… Continue reading »

Segregation, or Integration?

The idea of the white savior is simple: a white, typically privileged character helps the non-white characters in their struggle… Continue reading »

Give me your tired, your poor, Your Americanized masses

            According to Rotten Tomatoes’ critical consensus, DreamWorks Animation’s 2015 animated film “Home” is “Colorful, silly,… Continue reading »

Chaos and Order: Post 9/11 America

  Louis Althusser, a French philosopher writes, “All stories work by doing two things: First, they make vivid some real… Continue reading »

Human Perfection in the Midst of Cannibalism

The land was gullied and eroded and barren. The bones of dead creatures sprawled in the washes. Middens of anonymous… Continue reading »

Finding Ideology

Finding Ideology Tristan Colaizzi Have you ever seen Finding Nemo? Were you ecstatic to hear that Finding Dory was hitting… Continue reading »

An Imagined Solution to a Real Problem: Political Correctness and South Park

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have something important to say – something that might be somewhat difficult and uncomfortable to… Continue reading »

We Got Both Kinds: Rap and Country

“We got both kinds. We got country and western” (The Blue Brothers). A classic line from a classic movie. The… Continue reading »