MGM Resorts International: The Right Bet?

By Drake Mead Recent Shifts in the Gambling Industry  In 2018, the state of New Jersey won a landmark supreme court case, Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association (initially Christie v. NCAA, but the case was renamed after Phil Murphy was elected governor). This case struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of Read more about MGM Resorts International: The Right Bet?[…]

Philip Morris (PM): Smoking hot! (Sort of)

By Michael Davis As the parable goes, markets hate uncertainty. Right now, the tobacco industry has a lot of uncertainty. In the last decade, the percentage of adults who smoke decreased 700 basis points and increasing health-consciousness in the U.S. promises to decrease that number further. The government’s war against popular e-cig brand JUUL has Read more about Philip Morris (PM): Smoking hot! (Sort of)[…]

Microsoft: Bandwagon Buy, Or Calculated Investment?

By: Shayan Moazeni You are on a random walk down some street (let’s say it’s not Wall Street). You ask a random stranger for stock ideas. Off the top of their head, they will recite the FAANGs — large household companies like Amazon, Apple, and even Microsoft. At first sight, a stock that the Average Read more about Microsoft: Bandwagon Buy, Or Calculated Investment?[…]

General Mills Can Make You the Big Bills: Why GIS is Worth the Risk

By Nilay Neelaveni In this article, I will be covering General Mills (GIS), a consumer food manufacturer and marketer. Its many well-known brands include Annie’s Homegrown, Yoplait, Pillsbury, and Cheerios.  From 2018-2019, net sales changes were characterized by cereal’s flat performance, yogurt’s 2% dip, and snack’s 4% drop (GIS’s main business segments). The growth driving Read more about General Mills Can Make You the Big Bills: Why GIS is Worth the Risk[…]

Starwood Property Trust Inc (STWD)

By Kyle Sung    Company Overview Starwood Property Trust (STWD) is a real estate investment trust focused around real estate and infrastructure. STWD is one of the largest loan originators of any institution, and currently provides commercial, residential and infrastructure loans. The company’s current portfolio of around 16 billion dollars contains 4 business segments: real estate Read more about Starwood Property Trust Inc (STWD)[…]

Pedaling Out of Business

By Lily Warendorf Despite naming every blatantly obvious attribute of their company, Peloton lacks one significant attribute: profitability. Although not being profitable does not raise red flags for investors in high growth companies like Peloton, it’s unclear path to profitability leads us to short Peloton. While Peloton’s subscribers think they are riding into the future, the Read more about Pedaling Out of Business[…]

When Life Gives You (Lulu)lemons, Buy LULU Shares 

By Saamia Khan Back in 1998, Lululemon Athletica founder and former CEO Chip Wilson attended a yoga class where inspiration struck. Coining the term “yoga pants,” Wilson created a company based on women’s yet-to-be-discovered need for a comfy pants. Fast forward 20 years, yoga pants and athleisure as a whole have skyrocketed in popularity, reflecting Read more about When Life Gives You (Lulu)lemons, Buy LULU Shares […]

GoPro: Capturing Distressed Action-camera Maker’s Comeback [SOLD]

By David Shakirov Update 03/11/21: The author recommends disposing of this stock. GoPro saw a dramatic rise in its price from the pandemic lows of $2/share to highs of $12-13 in the aftermarket last month. At this price, GoPro is almost fairly valued. However, there are concerns over management’s ability to cut operating expenses to Read more about GoPro: Capturing Distressed Action-camera Maker’s Comeback [SOLD][…]

Auto Partner SA: Polish Auto Parts Apparently Boring, Yet Lucrative

By David Shakirov The “hunt for value” in US equity markets is a tough one. High valuations and economic uncertainty are some of the barriers challenging investment managers in the United States, trimming alpha to zero (or, in some cases negative). Abroad, however, frontier and emerging economies offer higher growth potential at lower multiples. These Read more about Auto Partner SA: Polish Auto Parts Apparently Boring, Yet Lucrative[…]