Livent Corporation Equity Research

By Stephen Kletscher   Summary Livent is a lithium producer headquartered in the United States with production facilities in Argentina. Livent both extracts raw lithium materials and manufactures lithium compounds with over 60 years of experience in lithium compound production. It produces and distributes applications in batteries, agro-chemicals, greases, polymers, and various industrial applications. Livent Read more about Livent Corporation Equity Research[…]

Smile Direct Club: Cheap Grins, Cheaper Stock [Sold]

By David Shakirov UPDATE (03/26/2020): After a smashingly lucrative three day run (a 50% GAIN), the author recommends selling SDC stock. Though long term fundamentals are strong, the stock’s takeoff of 50% since the recommendation places it ABOVE the 8x EV/EBITDA target of 2025. At this valuation, the risk return profile on the company is Read more about Smile Direct Club: Cheap Grins, Cheaper Stock [Sold][…]