ANNOUNCEMENT: site tweaks + poll

Hi everyone,

I tweaked the site a bit, made the menu (in the black bar between the header image and the posts) more useful — it now has quick links to all categories!  I pulled out the ones related to class operations (so, announcements, homework, production, how-to posts) and then put all of the more “map-themed” ones under a catch-all header of “categories.”  All are nested menus, so more options pop up when you mouseover.

I also adjusted the format for the sticky posts with your current homework assignments, reducing them to just title and due date, with a “Read more…” click-thru to the full assignment.  I was trying to reduce the amount of stuff you had to scroll past to get to the new posts.

…So, along those lines, here is my poll question of the day (man, I wish there was a “poll widget” for our installation of WordPress!):  is it helpful to have current homework assignments “stuck” to the top of the blog like this, so you have to scroll past it to see any new content?  Or should I just let these get “swept downstream” by other posts so new content is always on top?  With the new menus you always have quick (two click or tap) access to all assignments (hmwk > assignments given)

Let me know in comments.

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