Funeral play

Apple, Lars, Danny, Bee notice Geek is sleeping behind an umbrella. Danny initiates the group huddling together and inching closer and closer to Geek, who notices and also scoots away from them periodically. Geek eventually stands and runs off stage. The group now decides to play the precious object game to rile their audience. The bottle of jack serves this purpose. They crowd around it shielding it from view – they realize Bee is the shortest so they rotate 90 degrees so Lars obstructs the view, they take turns “drinking” and snickering. The babies’ heads pop up over their shoulders periodically on the look out. We randomly decide to split up because the object isn’t important and we want to keep the audience’s interest – we all abruptly dash off stage through different entrances and meet in the crossover. Lars proposes a song is sung. Apple proposes “Somewhere” from West Side Story. Danny, Lars and Apple loudly and horribly sing, but only the first two lines. They trade props. Lars and Danny hold babies now which serve as funeral flowers. Where is Bee? Maybe it is her funeral. They process on stage behind Apple who holds the horn behind her back and honks it periodically. They reach center stage. Apple tells them to put their flowers down – they do, the groups sobs. Apple suggests they say a few words. Lars says “pineapple.” Silence and sobbing. Apple: “So, IHop?”. The group agrees and exits together SL.

Cave Drawings


Cave Drawings (Pictograms) and Translations:

An island isn’t what you want, it’s what you need.

No one listens to Edie.

You are my sunshine.

We live in a dog-eat-dog age.

Where are you going?

Women are two-dimensional.


You are here.



Don’t talk to me.



Character descriptions & original maps

Hey all,

I sent this to you via email previously, but meant to have posted as well.  And now there is an addition to the character descriptions, with Mel’s work.  Stephen, at some point we’ll probably want you to do something like this as well, if it would be useful, but let’s give you some exploration time first.

228 characters — updated: 2 Nov 2011

228 char’s maps of Dir Studio