DNA on the Map

In this podcast segment, one kind of mapping — DNA analysis — meets conventional cartography and results in a pretty fascinating narrative. Also worth listening to to see (…hear) how the folks at Radiolab take a pretty static subject (historians looking at maps, researchers looking at DNA) and bring it to life in a vivid form of storytelling.

Detective Stories

Ali’s iPad Tips

Here are some general tips about using the iPads:

1. There are 4 buttons: center, top right, volume, and side switch  (above volume)

-The center button brings you to the home screen

-The top right button sleeps and wakes the iPad; hold it to shut down the iPad

-The volume buttons control the volume

-The side switch can be set to either lock the orientation of the iPad (portrait or landscape) or to mute all sounds on the iPad; these settings can be changed in the settings icon under general

2. To rearrange apps, tap-and-hold an app until all the apps start to wiggle; to stop the wiggling, press the center button

3. To make a group of apps, tap-and-hold an app until all the apps start to wiggle, then drag one app on top of another app; this will create a group. You can break down a group by dragging an app out of the group.

4. To select/cut/copy, tap-and-hold near the part you want to select; do the same thing to paste

5. To take a screenshot, click the top right button and the center button at the same time; the image will be saved in your Camera Roll

6. In general, if you can’t figure out how to access an app’s settings, tap-and-hold it; that usually works


Have fun!


P.S. If you encounter any problems, email me ([email protected]) or if you want to learn more, go to help.apple.com/ipad