iPad: initial settings changes

Will use this space to accumulate (either in comments or edits to main post) settings changes to the iPad that are made over the semester, to aid in it’s classroom usage.

Nothing crazy so far. Setting up connections to Purple Air and such.

Things to think about:

  • Preconfigure the students’ iPads with Contact info for everyone in the class, Ali (tech TA), WordPress email for mailing in a post, etc.
    • Can this be done by emailing them vcards and then importing them from Mail on the iPad? I should test this out…AND I DID and it works like a charm 🙂
    • Um, can we actually email in a post??! Trying to find this…
  • Set up Mail with their Williams email etc (1st iPad class/evening meeting?)
  • Set up gCal calendars for class schedule + production schedule (latter being part of Cosmo’s gCal setup) and get synced to iCal on all iPads.
    • At some point we’ll have to sort out permissions for these, figure out what makes the most sense?
  • Add To Homescreen link to WordPress site (for viewing) AND WordPress Dashboard (for editing) in Safari for quick access

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