iPad: apps downloaded

Initial download of FREE apps that would/could be useful for 228:

iBooks — for use as PDF viewer if not for eBooks? (Though am tempted by Goodreader for that…)

Constitution for iPad — ties in to early assignment; and really, shouldn’t we all carry around a copy of the Constitution anyway?

EMD PTE (Periodic Table of the Elements) — for my idea of the Periodic Table as a map

Springpad — I just started using this as a way of separating out some of the more temporary or temporally-based stuff that is in Evernote; not sure how useful it will be for 228, but possibly in terms of sourcing things etc?

Wikipanion — for reference, good free Wikipedia app

Sketchbook Express — the free version still seems to have a lot of functionality, so this seemed like a good thing to put on everyone’s iPad; then if someone needs fully functionality we can shell out the $12 or whatever it is for the Pro version…

WordPress — Duh.

Photoshop Express — handy for basic image manipulation when doing research on the iPad

Dropbox and Box.net — probably only use one or the other, if we use them for the class at all with the students. Is basically a question of how we decide to get documents between people — can it all be done via the WordPress site, or do we need an additional mechanism? (Though Dropbox especially I find to be a handy backend kind of thing for teaching, a way of making sure that I have access to all of my current project/class files from any device.)

Google — again, kind of basic need, fast access to all of their webapps

Evernote — as with Dropbox, this is vital for my own workflow because I use Evernote for everything, but I am undecided on whether or not this is something we’ll use formally with the students or not. Certainly, with the way David and I are setting up the taking and sharing of our notes and ideas, it is important for both of us to have it.

Daytum — class-specific, and I do wish they had a proper iPad app not just the iPhone version running small on the iPad, but oh well. Elegant, basic, easy to use data-tracking app and webservice.

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  1. Looking ahead to when we have the bulk purchasing set up and can buy apps that way instead of through our own iTunes accounts, here are a few PAID apps I can imagine us wanting to purchase:

    Noteshelf — Ed Epping also suggested Note Taker HD which has at this moment the ability to take typed notes as well as handwritten ones. Though the developers of Noteshelf say that that is coming.

    CeltX Script — to integrate with our use of CeltX on our computers, and CeltX Studio for only sharing and sync

    Goodreader — probably will use this for docs (course readings etc) but need to test out first

    The World HD Atlas & Factbook — best reviewed atlas app, I think it could be nice to have? Again, want to review it first.

    MotionX GPS HD — if we want to do anything with creating GPS maps of our daily travels.

    There are others on my question mark list, but this is a place to start.

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