Assignment: 72 Maps in 72 Hours / DUE Monday Sept 12

Over the next three days, create 72 Maps (with a capital “M”).  These can be maps of anything — time, space, thoughts, memories.  Maps of travel, charts of concerns, work vs. free time, foods eaten.  They should all express a relationship between two or more pieces of information.

They can be hand drawn, computer-made, or otherwise fashioned in any way.  You may use pre-existing maps, charts, graphs, timelines, or other information structures, but you must alter them, add-to or subtract from them, or otherwise make them your own in some fashion.

They may be of any scale, in any media — however, they should be able to be uploaded to the WordPress site, as either the Map itself or a detailed documentation of it.  (For example, if your map existed in three dimensions, document it as fully as possible to recreate the three dimensional experience.)  Number your maps in sequence of creation.

Put all of your maps in a single post with the title: 72 Maps in 72 Hours / <your name>.  Categorize the post as “assignments turned in”.  They are due by 7am Monday morning (Sept 12).

For all non-digital Maps that you create, please bring the originals to class on Monday.

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