Daily Schedule

Date Morning Activity Afternoon Activity
1/3 R

(on campus)

Orientation Lecture on Urushi by
Ms. Christine Puza, Associate Conservator of Furniture and Wooden ObjectsLecturer on Japanese Folk Art by
Ms. Sachiko Matsuyama
1/4 F

(on campus)

WordPress workshop Interview questions and website design 
1/7 M

(on campus)

Interview questions  
1/8 T Depart Campus
1/9 W

(Kyoto day1)

Arrive in Kyoto
1/10 R

(Kyoto day2)

Sightseeing in Kyoto Higashiyama area

Visit Doshisha University and AKP

Artisan Studio 1: Visiting
Kyoto’s textile industry,
Kaji Kinran
1/11 F

(Kyoto day3)

Lecture “Daitokuji, Zen and Culture” by
Prof. Catherine Ludvik
Tea ceremony with Dairiku Amae at Totosha
1/12 Sa

(Kyoto day4)

Lecture on Noh by
Prof. Diego Pellechia
Visiting Noh performer: Tatsushige Udaka
1/13 Sn

(Kyoto day5)

Attending Noh performance with Prof. Diego Pellechia
1/14 M

(Kyoto day6)

Lecture on Shinto by Priest Ogurusu at Goryo Shrine Visiting Arashiyama bamboo forest & Okochi  Garden/ Tenryuji Temple

Overnight stay at Myoshinji Temple

1/15 T

(Kyoto day7)

Lecture and experiencing Zazen by Daikou Matsuyama at Myoshinji temple Artisan Studio 2: Visiting
Buddhist sculptor, Gakyu Miyamoto
1/16 W

(Kyoto day8)

Artisan Studio 3: Nishimura Keikou Urushi Artisan Artisan Studio 4: Tsusumi Urushi Refiner
1/17 R

(Kyoto day9)

Preparing for final presentations
1/18 F

(Kyoto day10)

Preparation and rehearsal of presentations Final presentation at Terminal Kyoto