Assignment: This American Life ep.110 “Mapping”

DUE Thursday Sept 15

Listen to This American Life episode 110: “Mapping”, Act I from 4:05-12:40 (about 8-1/2 minutes) — although the whole episode is interesting if you want to listen to everything!

Also, to note:  the episode is from 1998, and in the intervening 13 years Denis Wood has in fact published the maps that he talks about in the show.  We’ll look at the book on Monday, and have it in the studio for you to peruse.  In the meantime, a lot of the maps and Wood’s commentary are to be found on Making Maps: DIY Cartography (and elsewhere on the web) — if you want to see what he talks about with Ira Glass.

Jot down any thoughts or responses that you have, and we’ll talk about it in class on Monday, and also give you a related mapmaking assignment.

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