Open-ended questions

Here are a few open-ended questions to consider about the point we stopped at in yesterday’s rehearsal – they’ve been on my mind and I didn’t want to forget them! Look forward to discussion tonight.

Are mapmakers played by members of the troupe?

Are they aware of each other- seeing and acknowledging each other, etc

What chronological planes do the stories unfold on?  As in, if the troupe ‘s story is “live” and sharing the same space and understanding of Time as the audience members, how does the mapmaker story fit into that?

Who then has agency over the performance?  I expressed that if the mapmakers “control” the troupe and create their story then it feels insular from the audience for me, as it is predetermined, self fulfilling its own narrative.  If the troupe arrives with the intent to perform, and carry out their performance with awareness of the audience, the theater space, etc, is the audience to accept the mapmakers as occurring on a separate theatrical plane from the troupe?  What does this mean for their interactions?

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