It’s Election Season!

Hey there, Williams! 

The end of Winter Study and the beginning of Spring semester can only mean one thing: it’s time for CC Elections!  Spring elections mean that EVERY position is up for election. To read descriptions about each position and submit a self-nom, go to our Elections page. Or, check out our video, which describes how CC is organized.

Why Should You Run?

Have a voice. Make a difference.

Since its inception in 1913, the Council has worked to represent all student interests and bring positive change to our Mountain Land. This longstanding history of engagement and action allows Williams students, though its Council representatives, to critically analyze the College in order to participate deeply in and drive dialogue surrounding campus issues, to improve the campus through policy and practice, to foster a vibrant community of 160 student organizations and 2077 students. In addition, College Council manages the Student Activities Tax, overseeing the allocation of ~$425,000 per year to fund campus entertainment, student organizations, lectures, Great Ideas, and just about anything else that comes to students’ minds.

Here are some examples of work CC has done recently:

• Gotten club sport athletes access to a trainer

• Expanded student representation on the Honorary Degrees Committee, making the committee’s work more reflective of student opinion

• Passed a resolution in support of a need-blind admission policy for international students

• Improved the library’s selection of movies and video games

• Established the Entertainment Co-Sponsorship Committee to make it easier for anyone to obtain funding for all-campus events

• Hosted monthly Community Matters discussions about issues relevant to our community

Elections Timeline

Friday, Feb 13 (6:00pm-8:00pm): Come ask us questions! The Elections Committee (outgoing officers) will be in Paresky 203 (the SARC).

Saturday, Feb 14 (4:00pm): Self-nominations due via

Sunday, Feb 15: Self-nominations packet distributed to the student body

Wednesday, Feb 18 (5:00pm): Meet the Candidates in Baxter Hall

Sunday, Feb 22 (7:00pm): CC/Record Debate in Baxter Hall

Thursday, Feb 26: Voting begins at 4pm

Saturday, Feb 28: Voting ends at 8pm

Wednesday, March 4: Joint Session of the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Councils