State of the Union: December

The air is chilly, the books are stacked, and the heels are in storage. We are in the home stretch of this semester of 2010. As we approach Christmas (Holiday with the Best Music Award) and New Years Eve (champagne in plastic cups!!) take some time to actually enjoy the Snowy Bubble that we are living in. Look outside. Dress up to the Library. Dance in the Bathroom. We are YOUNG!

We wish you luck during this finals sneezon (hehe-get the joke?) and, as usual, we are updating you on what your student government has done this month.

As always, please fell free to email us with any questions, comments, ideas at [email protected] or go to our website at

Good luck and enjoy the break. We will see you during Winter Study. (We’ll be the ones sledding down Mission Hill on Dining Hall Trays)

-If and Manny

Here’s what we’ve done: